Methylene Blue MMX™ (MB MMX)

Methylene Blue MMX (MB MMX) is a first-in-class drug candidate that is a novel application allowing for the delivery of methylene blue along the entire length of the colon, with the objective to enable endoscopists to better detect and visualize pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions during colonoscopy. Methylene Blue MMX is formulated as a tablet that provides sustained dye contact with the mucosal wall as it travels through the colon, allowing the time needed to ensure its absorption in the cells lining the colon wall, thus enhancing contrast between abnormal areas and surrounding healthy cells before an endoscopy procedure is initiated.

The company has completed three Phase II trials and a U.S. and European multi-center Phase III clinical trial which studied MB MMX for the detection and visualization of pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions in people undergoing screening and surveillance colonoscopies. The primary objective of this trial was to achieve superiority in the proportion of subjects in which histologically proven adenoma or carcinoma was detected using MB MMX versus high definition white light endoscopy, the current standard of care. The NDA for MB MMX has been filed with the FDA and is currently under review.

  • Methylene Blue MMX™ (MB MMX)